News & Events

2024/04 Two papers accepted in ICCS 2024.
2024/02 Two papers accepted in CVPR 2024
2024/01 One paper accepted in Journal of Computational Physics.
2023/12 One paper accepted in AAAI 2024.
2023/10 One paper accepted in PG 2023.
2023/08 One paper accepted in Siggraph Asia 2023.
2023/07 A paper accepted in ACM MM 2023
2023/07 I joined the Department of Computer Science at University College London
2023/07 A paper accepted in ICCV 2023
2023/06 Two papers accepted in IEEE TIM.
2023/05 Two papers accepted in SIGGRPAH 2023.


To join my lab, please refer to here for more details.