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2021/10 Media coverage on our new SIGGRAPH paper.
Media coverage (in Chinese) on our new ICCV paper.
2021/07 One paper accepted in ICCV 2021 with code.
2021/07 Source code of our two CVPR 2021 papers is here
2021/06 Media coverage (in Chinese) on our new CVPR paper.
2021/05 One paper accepted in SIGGRAPH 2021.
One paper accepted in Advances in Engineering Software.
One paper in Biomedical Signal Processing and Control.
2021/04 One paper accepted in CGI 2021 (the Visual Computer).
2021/03 Two papers accepted in CVPR 2021.
2021/02 One paper accepted in ACM I3D 2021.
2020/12 One paper accepted in AAAI 2021.


I am constantly looking for passionate PhD students. Application and scholarship information can be found here and here. Potential areas include Computer Graphics, Vision and Machine Learning.