News & Events

2020/12 One paper accepted in AAAI 2021.
2020/10 CASA paper nominated for the Best Student Paper Award and cover-featured in CAVW.
2020/07 New ACM MM 2020 paper accepted.
2020/07 New CAVW (CASA 2020) paper accepted.
2020/05 New SIGGRAPH 2020 paper accepted.
2020/05 My interview about crowds in Digital Twins of cities.
2020/04 New paper accepted in Textile Research Journal
2020/04 New paper accepted in International Conference on Computational Science 2020.
2020/03 TechXplore covers our new ICRA paper!


I am constantly looking for passionate PhD students to join me. Application and scholarship information can be found here and here. Potential areas include Computer Graphics, Vision and Machine Learning.
If you want to visit my lab as a visiting scholar, please get in touch. I am always keen on working with other people.