News & Events

2019/06 I became the Director of High Performance Graphics and Game Engineering
2019/06 I became Rearch Lead of Centre for Immersive Technology
2019/06 I am serving as the Poster Chair of ACM MIG 2019
2019/06 I am serving as PC member of Pacific Graphics 2019
2019/05 New paper accepted in International Journal of Medical Informatics
2019/03 New CAVW paper accepted
2019/02 AHRC: The Living Museum of Umm Qais (Co-I, ~£250k)


I am constantly looking for passionate PhD students to join me. Application and scholarship information can be found here and here. Potential areas include Computer Graphics, Vision and Machine Learning. 中文版在这里
If you want to visit my lab as a visiting scholar, please get in touch. I am always keen on working with other people.